Libby Hertz

Libby Hertz, SVP of Property Management

Libby Hertz is a finance & operations executive with over 25 years experience in diverse environments.

Libby was one of the first employees of The American Home, one of the US’s largest Single-family aggregators and served as Vice President of Financial Operations. In her role, Libby developed processes and teams to account for and acquire, renovate, lease and manage single-family homes.

Libby was President and Chief Operating Officer at Capital Property Management, a Key Properties company, and led a team of over 150 employees.

As a consultant and advisor to several companies in multi- and single-family residential industries, Libby specializes in developing scalable processes and building effective teams in fast-growing companies. Libby has been involved in acquiring, renovating, leasing and managing over 10,000 homes.

Earlier in her career, Libby worked in financial application software for the banking industry.

Libby holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Wits University in South Africa.