Simon Frost

Simon Frost, CEO & Co-Founder

Simon Frost is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Tiber Capital Group. Tiber marks the third single-family rental company under Simon’s leadership, with a collective record of purchasing and renovating over 18,750 homes across 10 states. In 2011, Simon co-founded The American Home, a company that bought and renovated about 2,500 homes in 15 months before being sold to Silver Bay in 2013. As President of Key Properties, Simon also spearheaded the purchase and renovation of more than 7,500 homes.

Tiber has acquired, renovated, leased, and managed over 8,750 homes in cities such as Atlanta, Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, Miami, Charlotte, Raleigh-Durham, and Nashville. The company is organized into six divisions: transactions, acquisitions, renovations, leasing, property management, and operations. Utilizing proprietary software, Tiber identifies, prioritizes, underwrites, renovates, leases, and manages its properties. The firm’s extensive internal renovations team has in-depth construction and renovation expertise, enabling Tiber to acquire properties ranging from distressed homes to new-build acquisitions. The company emphasizes technology and data to facilitate rapid scaling.

Simon has also been part of the executive teams at other major finance and real estate companies. He served as the Chief Financial Officer of Goal Financial, a $9 billion student loan originator, the Chief Investment Officer of Greencourt Capital, a public company with roughly $1 billion in real estate assets and the Chief Financial Officer of Taylor Development, a commercial real estate developer.

Simon earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in economics from Cambridge University in England and a bachelor’s degree in finance from the University of South Africa. He sits on the board of several organizations, including Global Genes, RARE-X, Uncommon Cures, Cure AHC, Hope For Annabel, the Cures Acceleration Network Review Board at the NIH, and several rare disease advisory boards, all with the aim of accelerating research towards rare disease therapies and cures. Simon also played professional rugby in the UK for Swansea, London Welsh, and Coventry, and captained Cambridge University’s rugby team in 2004.